One Draycott receives accolades for its smart design and eco-friendly features

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Pinetree Hill at Ulu Pandan

One Draycott, the boutique development developed by SDB Asia (a part to the Malaysian company Selangor Dredging Bhd or SDB) was granted a temporarily-issued occupation permits in the month of April. It is named for its location at 1 Draycott Park, the completed One Draycott is an elegant addition to the neighborhood. It is a single, 18-storey structure that is triangular It has a modern exterior with dark-toned curtain walls that are complemented with champagne and gold-colored trimmings. Black metallic panels with perforations are atop the highest point of the tower. In the evening, warm light can be seen in the facade and the common areas, which softly light the structure, creating an entirely new look.

Pinetree Hill at Ulu Pandan where the charming property sits in the central region of Singapore.

The style and design of the building was the main considerations for SDB who saw the project as a custom luxurious residence that would be a fitting addition to the exclusive residential enclave of Ardmore-Draycott that it was built in.

London-based architectural company CarverHaggard was commissioned to design the building, in collaboration and the Singapore-based JGP Architecture. Both firms were charged with designing a distinctive design that gave a modern and luxurious appearance. In addition, SDB wanted the design to be practical.

The result is a structure that is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. For example, the straight forms of One Draycott’s exterior do not just offer a distinct, contemporary appearance and style, but they also help to keep it in good shape in comparison to buildings that have curvatures on their exteriors. The tower’s design was designed to mimic the triangular design that is One Draycott’s site and maximize efficiency of the land.

These thoughtful design decisions are just one of the main factors behind why One Draycott scored an outstanding five wins in the EdgeProp Excellence Awards (EPEA). The awards ceremony was held on October 6, SDB Asia was presented with the top prizes to recognize Top Development, Top Luxury Development, Top Boutique Development, Design Excellence and Sustainability Excellence.

Utilizing the natural surroundings
One Draycott occupies a freehold site that was once home to an apartment block with seven floors built in the late 1990s. In June of 2018, SDB acquired the site by way of a private treaty with a value of $72 million, which reflects an average land value of $1,787 per plot.

The 17,442 square foot site is conveniently accessible to facilities. It is located within walking distance to The Orchard Road shopping belt, and is also near popular clubs like The American Club and Tanglin Club. It is also within walking distance of reliable schools such as Anglo-Chinese school (Primary) located on Barker Road, Raffles Girls’ School located on Anderson Road, and EtonHouse International School located on Tanglin Road.

The site is located in the District 10 area of prime located in the District 10 district, the site is located close to the intersection of Draycott Park and Draycott Drive and is situated right next to Ardmore Park. The luxury apartments, which include one unit, 34 units the Sculptura Ardmore and The 20 unit Eden along with the 330-unit Ardmore Park are located around the development.

In spite of its high-profile site, SDB acknowledges that the initial site was not without challenges from the perspective of a developer. Apart from being small with an irregular shape the site was situated on a slope that was set back away from the road that was accessed via a lengthy and slanted drive. Drainage and sewer connections from nearby developments travelled through the site which added to the complexity.

In the face of these issues, SDB worked with its architects to develop solutions that made use of new design concepts while embracing the natural features of the land. The basement, which is two levels deep, was constructed to serve as a car park, while also helping to raise the site. The residences are situated over a deck for facilities on the second level, providing even the units on the lowest floors an air of height and security.

To capitalize on the fact that it is hidden far from main roads the driveway was created to create a sense exclusiveness to the community with wide cobblestone sidewalks that are surrounded by lush vegetation. The drop-off point the structural column is cleverly concealed by an attractive artwork dubbed “The Pangolin” that is the focal point to greet the residents and visitors. It is constructed of Lucerna stones the sculpture was crafted by British artists David and Anna Hiscock of DAH Studio.

Premium homes
SDB’s focus on design that is functional extends to the residential units as well as the communal areas of the structure. The attention to detail was made to ensure the layout of each unit which maximizes space. The curtain wall layout selected for the facade offers the units with floor-to ceiling windows that let in plenty of daylight and creating an impression of space.

Each apartment comes with its private balcony with glass railing. Furthermore, every balcony comes with an adjustable slide-and-fold screen that lets you make the most and use of space. Once the screen has been folded up and placed to the right side of the building, it is an open space that offers expansive views of the surrounding area. However, when the screen is utilized to shelter the space from the elements of the outside which effectively extends the internal space. The screen’s champagne colour is used to provide a unified appearance to the rest of One Draycott’s exterior and has perforations to let air flow in the course of.

In terms of the mix of units, One Draycott comprises two-bedroom apartment sizes that range from 732 to 797 square feet. There are four penthouses on the upper floor that are between 1,238 and 1,346 square feet. Each unit comes with a separate lift lobby as well as an additional access door that is located in the fully-enclosed kitchen to the lifts for service.

On the second floor, the facilities deck is home to a carefully designed set of amenities such as a lap pool the gym, and an outdoor dining and lounge area that is equipped with kitchen facilities. The lush landscaping was used to create a warm feeling of tropical with a variety of trees, shrubs and plants adorning the area and a tall ceiling increases the airflow and creates a sense of spaciousness.

To complement the thoughtfully-designed homes, premium fittings were chosen, including kitchen cabinetry by Italian brand Ernestomeda and appliances from Miele and De Dietrich.

Elegant touches
In addition to its practical design, the judges at the current EPEA were awed by the exquisite finishes woven throughout the project and are testimony to the attention paid by SDB to the tiniest details. The residences’ principal living spaces are furnished with marble slabs that have an ebony finish, and rooms are outfitted with herringbone timber flooring. The front of every home has a sturdy timber door with a lengthy brass handle, adorned with hand-crafted oak facets that feature the geometric design created by the Hiscocks.

In certain common areas residents will find feature walls made of Lucerna stone that has been carved in the same pattern as the facets of the oak, providing an overall sense of unity throughout the condominium. The lobby of the lift the geometric pattern is displayed in delicate frames made of the finest steel.

SDB emphasizes that the material used to create these elements are more than just a decorative function. For instance, Lucerna stone, which is a northern part of Italy was selected not just because of its a distinctive and elegant appearance, but also due to its resistance to extreme weather conditions and heavy use. The herringbone floors, though stunning, require a certain way of installing them which makes them more resistant against wear and tear due to moisture and humidity.

Green sanctuary
One Draycott was designed to provide an oasis of green and privacy in the midst of Singapore. To achieve this goal the city was able to implement more environmentally sustainable building and maintenance practices.

Precast construction, for instance, was used in bathrooms in all sizes as well as for stairs and garbage chutes. The project also collects rainwater, which is then used for irrigation of plants, while sensors are used to provide amenities like lighting in basements and staircases, as well as jet fans in order to reduce energy consumption.

In the houses, layouts were designed to include windows that could be opened in any way that is feasible and thereby enhancing cross-ventilation across rooms and reducing the use of air conditioning. On the deck for the facility on the second floor high ceilings permit the space to feel spacious and cool, as well as the abundant use of plants and landscaping.

Drawing inspiration from the lush greenery and mature trees located in the neighborhood of Ardmore-Draycott, SDB wanted to create an experience in the landscape at the development, which is integrated with the surrounding environment.

The greenery was integrated throughout the development with different elements like grass turfing, trees and trees. Planter boxes housing creeper plant were placed from the carpark in the basement all the way to the entrance level. When the plants are mature, they will form an elongated green wall that will help beautify the space as well as providing shade.

On the deck for facilities, landscaping was designed around the “mini-forest” theme. It features the plants of all aspects of the rainforest ecosystem. Additionally these plants are indigenous to Singapore or the larger Southeast Asia region, making them more manageable to keep. In addition, the road is lined with strips of planters that contain tough vines that are also a favorite for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Based on caveats filed in September 29th with URA The 34 units of One Draycott have been sold up to date for an average cost of $3,174 per square foot, with buyers primarily Singaporeans and permanent residents in accordance with SDB.

Recently the developer has also announced an arrangement for deferred payments for the remaining units with potential buyers being given the option of prolonging the time to complete their sale or to extend the exercise period for the option.