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History of Ulu Pandan. Pine Grove

Ulu pandan region is located in the central part of Singapore. It is a subzone under the Bukit Timah area and is bounded by Holland Road and Ulu Pandan river in its north, North Buona Vista Road on its east, and Ulu Pandan river in the south. In the 20th century, the district was a large area that stretched to Bukit Timah Road and was marked by rubber estates. Military camps were built in the late 50s and early 60s to host the first infantry regiment in Singapore and Gurkha.

The name Ulu Pandan originated from the Sungei Ulu Pandan or Ulu Pandan river that runs westward through the area. It runs upstream, which in the Malay language is “Ulu”, “Pandan means the screw pines you can find along the river bank.

In the early days, the Ulu Pandan area was a swampy land that settled along the river to fish for crabs and prawns. The habitants also planted bananas, tropical fruits and coconut to fulfil their necessities. Later, the Japanese arrived in the area and settled with the Malays along the river bank.

When it comes to private housing, the first condos in the Ulu Pandan area were built in the 70s. An American company started the Ridgewood Housing estate project in 1973, a project that had a total suite area of 18.5 ha. It was completed in 1981 and comprised apartments, townhouses and garden apartments that served the residents of the Ulu Pandan area. In 1977, another project was announced by the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) that comprised 600 beautiful units. The property was mainly expected to offer recreational, shopping, sporting and other essential amenities near the residences.

Today, the Ulu Pandan area is one of the upmarket estates and has reduced in size from its original geographical size. It is near basic amenities that serve old and young residents with or without kids. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors and homeowners to acquire land near Singapore in a serene and greenery environment.