Along Balmoral Road, there is a 117-unit building called The Hyde. Aurum Land completed the project in 2022

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It is situated in Balmoral Road in prime District 10 of Singapore, This is the Hyde is living up to its title as a serene hideaway from Singapore’s hustle and hustle. The Hyde was awarded two awards this year. The Hyde was awarded two accolades during The EdgeProp Singapore Excellence Awards 2023 (EPEA 2023) which are The Hyde was awarded two awards: Landscape Excellence as well as Innovation Excellence.

Pinetree Hill sales has a total suite area of 22,534.7 square metres (sq m) with a maximum Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 47,323 sq m.

The Hyde is a 117-unit residential development located at 11. Balmoral Road. The project was conceived by locally-based property developer Aurum Land, who completed the project in 2022. The architectural concept of the condo was managed by the local architect firm FDAT.

In the EPEA 2023 judges witnessed firsthand how a variety of creative designs and clever features that were included in the project. are working together to enhance the quality of life and well-being of residents. They were awed by the landscaping design that resulted in a highly livable urban space with a meticulous collection of flowers.

A place to relax in intelligent features and comforts

In a time where smart home technologies are the norm in new residential developments in private homes, The Hyde demonstrated to the judges that it makes use of efficient home technology and construction to enhance the quality of life and quality of life for its residents.

For example, The Hyde is the first boutique project in Singapore to offer Sashless windows. It is an window frame that can be opened up and where the individual glass panes are placed on tracks that are incorporated in the frame that is outside of the window. This provides a smoother and wide-ranging view, and improves air circulation when than the standard wooden or aluminium window frames. This is a great aspect at The Hyde, where units can enjoy views that are unobstructed of the neighboring Goodwood Hill neighbourhood.

In line with the increasing use of delivery on-demand and courier services, the Hyde offers an intelligent locker system and concierge services that are offered by local logistics firm Parcel Santa. Residents can access parcels whenever they want while ensuring security and privacy.

Aurum Land was also mindful of securing the future for the development especially as electric vehicle use continues to increase. With a variety of charging stations for electric vehicles set up in the parking lot, residents are able quickly charge their electric vehicles at home.

A large portion of the smart-home functions and estate management services are available by a mobile app. This increases the quality of life for all residents as well as keeps regular maintenance to a minimum and improves the efficiency of every household. Other functions like guest registration using QR codes and a sophisticated monitoring of the home system help keep the home and residents development secure and safe.

Landscape aesthetics

Hyde Hyde also scored extremely well in terms of excellence in landscape The judges were incredibly impressed with the project for its attitude toward landscape aesthetics, livingability and wellbeing as well as the biodiversity.

The landscape specialist who is on the panel of judges the year before, Yvonne Tan, director at DP Green, admires the inventive approach to landscaping throughout the entire development. “There was a particular concentration on the visual elements of the landscape that complemented every shared space as well as areas with facilities” she declares. She says that the landscape around the fitness and play areas zone was designed to be well integrated and was the most memorable for her.

Tan is also fond of the terraces leading to the grassy area that is the focal point of the apartment. The luxury of large lawn is rare and enhances the living experience for all residents.

In terms of distinctive designs, Aurum Land also went way above and beyond what is typical with a striking arrangement of the pool the designer declares. “This is a fascinating and original addition rare in other projects. It transforms a common swimming pool into a unique artwork for residents to take pleasure in,” says Tan.

The Hyde is also home to a large green plot percentage that is 4.358 — which is an indicator of the total area of greenery compared to the overall land development site area. Also to the Hyde, it is said that 80% of the floor space is set aside for landscaping and greenery.

The native flora that is incorporated within the areas of green around the condominium include heliconia frangipani, torch ginger and magnolia trees. Other species like the syzygium, which is a native evergreen tree, attract butterflies, bees and birds.

Overall, the well-crafted landscaping is in perfect harmony with the full-height glazed façades and sashless windows that are scattered throughout the entire development. This showcases the distinctive design of the development. The landscaped gardens, pillars and modern architectural lines define each block’s exterior.

The Hyde has been recognized for the first time that The Hyde has been celebrated at EdgeProp Singapore’s annual property awards, and it was awarded in two main categories. In the case of Aurum Land, it is an deserved recognition of the exquisite design and intelligent lifestyle planning for this upscale development.